• Jaime Gibson

Why taking action creates success

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Former student, Natalie Sax, now tours and records internationally but what lead to this success?

In our first lesson Natalie was playing the Clarinet and sitting Classical exams in Sydney...

“You have to follow your dreams and make changes when you feel the need.”

After finding her passion for Music again with Jaime's fun music lessons Natalie was soon playing in ensembles and thinking that she would like to play more Jazz and Rock in the schools Stage/Big Band. This lead to some hard conversations with her parents about changing instruments, which Jaime soon changed to "adding an instrument"

Jaime has always said that Music is a journey and we should always add an instrument or a style but never take away or quit. Later that summer Natalie was given her first Alto Saxophone, wireless microphone and improvisation lessons. Since then she has not looked back!

As quoted above Natalie, who now teaches her own students and conducts bands when not touring says "You have to follow your dreams... and make changes...." What dreams do you need to now follow? " (#nataliesax #onlinesaxophonelesson #jaimegibson)

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