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Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Madison now works in New York and Paris for the top Pop Artists like Lady Gaga and for Victoria Secrets Fashion Week.... how did she go from the Clarinet to the Cat walk?

“So Madison you just mentioned you were doing the stage management for the Fashion Week in Paris.... who was the entertainment? We had a few including Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga....”

Madison and I were sitting in East London catching up as we hadn't seen each other since Sydney and my jaw hit the ground. When I had recovered I got the low down on the amazing event she had just finished in Paris and 6 months later we caught up in New York. I was training at The Juillliard School and she gave me and my colleague free tickets to a large open air concert with a film screen in Brooklyn. We continued the talk about her journey and the transition from a Clarinetist, composer and Saxophonist to a professional stage manager and sound and lighting engineer.

Advice for future students included never say no to an opportunity, always be on time and.... if Lady Gaga says she no longer wants the Grand Piano in her apartment and now wants to play acoustic guitar... just say yes and unload the Grand Piano (#onlinesaxophonelesson #jaimegibson #clarinetlesson)

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